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I desperately need to drum up some sales. Things have been so slow for over a week now and I’m honestly panicking looking at the dwindling balance in my account. With surgery 12 days away (and counting!) and $600 still to go, PLUS trying to build a little bit of a safety net while I’m in recovery for living expenses, I do not need to be this stressed over finances in addition to the stress and fear over surgery!

So here’s the latest items listed on the shop in case you missed them. Click any image for more information and how to buy.


Thank you for your support!

Hysterectomy Fund

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My Shop: http://PhoenixFireDesigns.etsy.com

Silver Stepping Stone Chain Mail Pendant Necklace

The flowing “Stepping Stone” pattern chain mail pendant in silver jump rings hangs from a sterling silver small link necklace.

I created this handmade pendant using a mix of silver jump rings. The rings cascade down and around the two center rings much like the flow of a river or waterfall.

It’s strung on a 18″ sterling silver plated small link chain which is finished with a lobster claw clasp. Ready for immediate wear!

This is a labor-intensive chain mail pattern but the results are just stunning!

Pendant available for purchase HERE.

Custom Order – Opal and Garnet Tree of Life in 14K Gold

I love making things that are wholly unique; pieces that are envisioned by my customer and not necessarily something I would have thought of or would have made on my own. I also love when I can make something truly personal and meaningful for my customers.

This piece is sea opal and garnet; the birthstones of her and her husband together in a tree. Opal is the birthstone of October and garnet is the birthstone of January. She wanted it in gold, so I also ordered some 14k gold fill wire. I think the result is just stunning.

This is my “medium” size tree, making it larger than the standard pieces and coming in around 1.75″ in diameter.

Have something in mind that’s custom or unique just for you? Love my trees but want a special family tree, memorial tree or other combination you haven’t seen before? Let me know! I would love to make something beautiful and special for you as well.

Apple Tree

After a long time gone from the shop, I’m please to say my Apple Tree has returned!

No forbidden fruit here! This adorable Apple Tree Pendant features genuine Peridot Gemstone leaves with faceted Ruby round apples set in brown wire.

Apple trees always remind me of Autumn as a child growing up in rural, Western Pennsylvania. My uncle had a farm and an apple orchard. Each year, my Mom would climb the trees and toss apples down to me to gather in laundry baskets (which always did double duty during harvest season!) Nothing was every better than an apple fresh from the tree on a crisp, fall day!

Pendant available HERE in my shop.

Surgery is a go

OMG the nurse called me while I was out at Target. Surgery is going to either be Wednesday, September 21st OR Wednesday, October 5th. She’s shooting for the 21st. Which is only a WEEK AND A HALF AWAY. *panic*

Wednesdays are his OR day. And we can’t do it the 28th because the 29th is Rosh Hashanah and as the high holy day of the year, you’re not allowed to work on that day. So he’s not doing any surgery the day before to ensure he doesn’t have any patients on that day.

She’s sending over the info to the primary doctor for my pre-surgery release info. I told her I just had a physical so that might count as clearance for my surgery or I might need a different appointment. And I need to get in for a blood type/cross in case I need a transfusion during the surgery and I need a final, last-minute ultrasound to see where we are at.

But if all that happens quickly enough, it might be the 21st!


(She’s off Monday and Tuesday so she’ll get back to me on Wednesday the 14th to let me know if we’re a go for the 21st and if so, what I need to get done in that last week.)

Hysterectomy Fund

Donation Shop: http://PhoenixFunds.etsy.com
My Shop: http://PhoenixFireDesigns.etsy.com

Halloween Spooky Hutch Treasury Feature

My spooktastic (and adorable) Miniature Halloween Spooky Hutch has been featured in a witchy treasury of goodies.

‘Almost time to start brewing. ; }’ by KGrahamStudios

Handmade Miniature Hall…


Pentacle Wise Witch SAP…


Moroccan vintage potion…


potions, 5×7 photograph


Love Potion… Gothic V…


Healing Elixir Potion -…


Cauldron Above Campfire…


Glass Flask Purple Poti…


Medicine and Potion Bot…


Meanie Stitch Head Poti…


spell. potion bottle an…


Wicked Witch POPPY poti…


Magical Miniature Potio…


LILY and HERMAN potion …


Wooden custom Potion ca…




Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Spooky Hutch available HERE for purchase!