Surgery is a go

OMG the nurse called me while I was out at Target. Surgery is going to either be Wednesday, September 21st OR Wednesday, October 5th. She’s shooting for the 21st. Which is only a WEEK AND A HALF AWAY. *panic*

Wednesdays are his OR day. And we can’t do it the 28th because the 29th is Rosh Hashanah and as the high holy day of the year, you’re not allowed to work on that day. So he’s not doing any surgery the day before to ensure he doesn’t have any patients on that day.

She’s sending over the info to the primary doctor for my pre-surgery release info. I told her I just had a physical so that might count as clearance for my surgery or I might need a different appointment. And I need to get in for a blood type/cross in case I need a transfusion during the surgery and I need a final, last-minute ultrasound to see where we are at.

But if all that happens quickly enough, it might be the 21st!


(She’s off Monday and Tuesday so she’ll get back to me on Wednesday the 14th to let me know if we’re a go for the 21st and if so, what I need to get done in that last week.)

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