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I’ve been busy making both new items, as well as new versions of previously sold items. But I’ve been lax about posting those updates here in the blog. (Though I’ve posted some on PhoenixFire Designs Facebook page. It’s a good resources to get more up-to-the-minute updates. 😉

But onto the nice, shiny pretties!

Click any image to go to it’s page for more information and purchase details. Many more items also available at And, as always, I also take custom orders!

New at PhoenixFire Designs

Still time to shop and receive your handmade jewelry for the holidays!! Listed a lot of new items in the shop the past few days, so please take a look. Don’t forget, I also customize!

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This year, it’s more important than ever that I have a good holiday season in the shop. With being laid off and with $10,000 in medical bills, my sales are the only thing keeping our head above water. I appreciate your support. Even if you just want to blog, link, tweet or post about the shop on fb, that helps too.

Thanks and happy shopping!

Surgery is a go

OMG the nurse called me while I was out at Target. Surgery is going to either be Wednesday, September 21st OR Wednesday, October 5th. She’s shooting for the 21st. Which is only a WEEK AND A HALF AWAY. *panic*

Wednesdays are his OR day. And we can’t do it the 28th because the 29th is Rosh Hashanah and as the high holy day of the year, you’re not allowed to work on that day. So he’s not doing any surgery the day before to ensure he doesn’t have any patients on that day.

She’s sending over the info to the primary doctor for my pre-surgery release info. I told her I just had a physical so that might count as clearance for my surgery or I might need a different appointment. And I need to get in for a blood type/cross in case I need a transfusion during the surgery and I need a final, last-minute ultrasound to see where we are at.

But if all that happens quickly enough, it might be the 21st!


(She’s off Monday and Tuesday so she’ll get back to me on Wednesday the 14th to let me know if we’re a go for the 21st and if so, what I need to get done in that last week.)

Hysterectomy Fund

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Chunky Red Hand Crocheted Scarf

Today we’re featuring another item in the PhoenixFunds Medical Fundraiser shop. A fun, chunky, red scarf!

This bright red scarf is hand crocheted. It’s approximately 66″ long not including 4″ of fringe on either end. Handmade scarf is also about 6″ wide.

The scarf is a fire engine or candy apple red. Rich, vibrant color. It’s hand crocheted and will make a nice, warm Autumn or Winter accessory. It’s pretty unisex and good for an adult, teen or even a child. Comes from a smoke-free home. Long enough to wrap it around your neck several times or double it up. (As shown in second photo.) Gives a neat, chunky look that’s very trendy.

Ready to ship finished product. You will receive the exact item shown!

All items in the PhoenixFunds shop are made by members of the Team. Proceeds go to paying medical bills for a hysterectomy surgery. Scarf available for purchase HERE in the shop!


Ever since being in the ER, I’ve had a whirlwind of emotions; fear, anxiety, anger, resentment but also gratitude, thankfulness, amazement and wonderment. With the exclusion of a very limited few who showed their ugly, inner true colors, almost universally, I’ve received the most positive support. Friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers have been so generous with their support both vocally and financially.

Between donations of money or craft items to sell and other aide like links and awareness of my cause, I’ve kept my head above water these past few months. I was able to pay almost a thousand dollars in doctor bills before my insurance kicked in and since it has, have been able to pay my premiums and start putting a dent towards that deductible as well. I went from a situation that was impossible – raising money when down an income! – to one that, with help, has been kept not only alive, but truly thriving.

Today I was the recipient of another amazing blessing. A substantial donation putting me within arm’s reach of my immediate total surgery goal. (The breakdown is: $588 due to my doctor, $1,000 deductible and $948 for a minimum 4 months premium or total of $2536 bare minimum to raise.) I don’t know if this person wants to be named, but I wanted to publicly acknowledge their kindness. $1,000 was gifted to my fund today and brings my actual cash-in-hand total to an amazing $1,933!

Where government resources and supposed charity and assistance programs have utterly failed me and totally left me between the cracks, the kindness of a dedicated group of individuals has gotten me leaps and bounds closer then I ever thought possible. It’s because of each and every one of you that I’m still here, still fighting and still able to keep striving towards my goal. And ultimately, when this is all over and done with, my health and my ability to move on with my life better then before will also be because of all of you and your care, support, kindness and generosity.

It’s all too easy to think the worst of people and to look at the problems of the world and believe that everyone just sucks. But let me assure you there is still goodness in the hearts of many. There is kindness in the world and there are still people who care. I’ve been truly blessed with getting to experience this first hand.

The battle is not yet won and some days it feels like I will never be done with this, but I know we’re getting ever closer and in truth, it will be here sooner then it seems. And again, it’s only because of you – all of you who have supported me – that I am where I am.

I won’t lie, many days the whole thing still scares me and facing surgery is not easy. But knowing that I have such a solid support system in place and so many people behind me, really does make it a little easier to bear.

So thank you to everyone for helping me get this far. We’re getting so close now and days like this remind me that all things truly are possible – with a little bit of kindness.

Medical Fundraiser – Pure Silver Hydrangea Flower Blossom

Pure silver Hydrangea Flower Blossom Pendant on 16″ Sterling Chain. Another of our Medical Fundraiser items, this one was donated by Neva and is just gorgeous!

From the artist:

I picked and dried this beautiful hydrangea flower and coated it in layer after layer of precious metal clay, then added some little balls to the center. The process took days to complete and the result is incredible.

Once fired the leaf and all impurities burn away, leaving behind only silver. Has a nice, natural oxidation and patina.

Available for purchase HERE. All items in this shop are donated by members of the PhoenixFunds Team. Proceeds go to paying medical bills for an upcoming hysterectomy surgery for Miss M. Turner. Thank you for your support!!

Medical Fundraiser – Rockabilly Cherry Fabric Coasters

Another of our handmade, donated items for the PhoenixFunds Medical Fundraiser Shop!

Adorable vintage and 50’s inspired rockabilly fabric cherry coasters. Hand sewn! Black base fabric with bright red cherries and green embroidered stems and leaves. Super cute and fun. Finished edges with blanket stitch.

The coasters are about 4.25″ in diameter. Just slightly padded. Very high quality felt. Unique item – one of a kind! Great item for your unique home! Will give a retro touch to your coffee table or counter.

Available for purchase HERE. All items in this shop are donated by members of the PhoenixFunds Team. Proceeds go to paying medical bills for an upcoming hysterectomy surgery for Miss M. Turner.

Steampunk Clockwork Bee Pendant and Brooch

Newest item in the PhoenixFunds Medical Fundraiser Shop is this cool steampunk item! Highly detailed metal bee charm is decorated with clockwork gears and tiny little genuine ruby gemstone accents making a very cool steampunk pendant or brooch.

This piece has a pendant loop to be worn as a necklace and it also has a pin back so it can be worn as a brooch. The bee’s back has been altered to include Swiss clockwork gears, parts and other steampunk touches. The vintage watch is Swiss movement with seventeen (17) natural rubies and made by the Crysler Watch Co.

Total length is approximately 1.45″ long and just a little short of 2″ at it’s widest point. Unique, one-of-a-kind piece!

All proceeds for this item go towards medical bills and upcoming surgery expenses so your support is greatly appreciated. This and many other neat items are available in the PhoenixFunds Medical Fundraiser Shop!

Medical Issues and A Call For Help

Well, it’s been over a week since my last entry here and what a hectic, frightening and difficult week it’s been. Sunday, May 29th, I was in the ER after two days of unbearable abdominal pain. I was admitted that night. Many tests later, it turns out my uterus is just full of tumors. More specifically, fibroid tumors and cysts. My uterus is the size of a woman 4 months pregnant. But of course, I’m not pregnant. There are multiple tumors which are softball sized and several which are baseball sized and cysts so large they can’t visualize my ovary for the mass in the way. All told, I have about a basketball size worth of masses in my uterus.

I’ve spent the week back-and-forth at the doctor having tests and preparing for an emergency hysterectomy. (I’m 34.) However, this week, the doctor determined that the tumors were larger then originally believed when I was in the hospital and now I’m too high risk of surgery. Anything over 250grams is considered high risk. He estimates I have at least 1,200grams of tumors. As a result, I now have to undergo a temporary, induced, medical menopause for two months. The tumors are fed by estrogen, so by artificially putting me in menopause, we slash the estrogen production in my body and hopefully, starve the tumors. I will still need a hysterectomy but we need to do this step first just so the surgery won’t be life-threatening.

I have, in addition to my shop of course, a part-time day job. The day job, however, does NOT give me any benefits and I do NOT have insurance. I’ve paid $415 out of pocket so far in the tests just to the doctor’s office and the fee just to pay my doctor will be $2,000. (Not including the hospital stay or the anesthesiologist.) In addition, I’m already out about seven days of work unpaid and when I have the surgery, I will be out a month unpaid.

I really need to spread the word as much as possible to help raise the money for the surgery (I need a minimum of $800 down just to schedule it) and to off-set the loss of wages through this period. I’ve already tried and been turned down for every medical assistance program you can think of because Florida really has crap for help. I work and I pay taxes but I fall in the cracks of the very narrow eligibility window this state offers. You can keep up with my treatments, fears and progress on my person blog under the hysterectomy tag as well.

ANYONE who can help me raise funds, I can’t tell you enough how much your help means. Also, anyone who helps me keep my sales up on my shop which will help offset my lost income would also be a huge aid. If you can just pass along my link even – in blogs, in twitter, on facebook – just getting the word out and bringing attention to the shop helps so much.

I’m doing everything I can to get through this impossibly scary period right now but I can’t do it alone. Your support is so appreciated right now.

Hysterectomy Fund