Three Generation Family Tree of Life Pendant

I received a custom order for a three generation Family Tree. She wanted something with the birthstones of May, August and November to represent three generations of her mother, herself and her daughter. I thought this was just the loveliest idea.

We set about discussing what we could do for the gemstones.

August is Peridot and it’s a semi-precious gem so that wasn’t too hard to find. I got some beautiful AAA grade micro-faceted peridot rounds.

November is Topaz and a slightly more difficult stone to find, especially given that November is yellow topaz and most available is a blue variation. However, I was able to find some coordinating AAA Imperial Topaz in a lovely pale honey color which was also micro-faceted. A small quantity for a fair price. (Still expensive in general but not for what it was.)

The last was the biggest challenge. Emerald is May’s birthstone. It’s gorgeous. And it’s also more expensive then diamonds. Finding real emerald in bead form was going to be extremely cost prohibitive. We opted for an amazing stone called, “chrome diopside.” Ugly name, lovely stone. It’s known as “Siberian Emerald” because the color is so rich and vibrant and so much like the emerald. It’s still a very expensive stone. I imported some from a seller in India for $50 but it was worth it when it arrived. The color was everything I’d hope it to be.

I used sterling silver wire as the outer circle, roots, trunk and branches. And the finished product came out amazing.

It’s truly magnificent. I’ll be mailing it this weekend to my customer. The quality of the gemstones are simply breathtaking. I must admit, while I’ve worked with gemstones before, this was the first pendant with one hundred dollars in just gems alone. And it shows. I hope this can truly be an heirloom piece for her and one her daughter can enjoy in the years to come as well.

If you can dream it, I can make it. So should you wish to have a Family Tree, a Memorial or Remembrance Tree or just something customized to your specific taste, please contact me. I’d love to make something amazing for you as well.

Update August 31, 2010
Wanted to share some of the wonderful feedback from the buyer. It warms my heart to know how well received the piece was especially given the deep meaning involved.

WOW!!! The pendant is beautiful. … I love it! Thank you so much for your hard work and quick turnaround on this piece. I couldn’t have asked for more. The presentation was wonderful as well. I am thrilled to be able to pass this to my little girl when the time is appropriate so that she will be able to remember her Gran and her Mama. What a beautiful heirloom.

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