Agate Slice – Tree of Life Pendant #2

Following up on my first agate slice experiment, I’ve made another one. This slice of agate is the most amazing blue with blue and green rings like that of a tree trunk.

I’ve used blue topaz and amethyst gemstone chips on this one and made a more full Tree with more branches made from sterling silver wire. It’s still pretty free-form and it curves along with the rough edges of the agate slice but I really like how it just seems to be growing up and over some natural rock formation.

Love gave the thumbs up on this one so I hope everyone else likes it as well. I’ve still got more agate slices to play with, but I want to make sure with each, that I find just the right accent stones to go with it. On this one, the blue topaz and amethyst just seemed like the right fit. It’s available for purchase HERE in my Etsy shop. It’s literally one-of-a-kind and couldn’t be duplicated even if I wanted to!

As always feedback welcome! ;D

Agate Slice – Tree of Life Pendant #1

Of course you guys all know me and my crazy obsession love of making Tree of Life pendants. I just enjoy making them so much and I keep looking for new ideas and new ways of making them.

Well, I was at the Flea Market last weekend and I found some awesome flat slices of agate geode and got an idea to use that as a base for a Tree. This is the very first attempt. I have more slices in more colors and I’m going to be making some different versions as well but here’s the initial result:

It features moss agate round gemstone beads as “leaves” and sterling-silver plated wire for the trunk and branches. The geode itself is wrapped with an antique bronze wire. Agate is pretty much the oldest gemstone in recorded history and is THE stone for protection. Agate is said to attract strength, prevent bad dreams and aide against stress and energy drains.

I think this is a neat way of having both a cool stone pendant as well as something special and one-of-a-kind. Because of course every slice of agate geode would be unique, it’s impossible to ever duplicate something like this. And I think that the agate and the Tree are a cool combo.

It’s listed right now HERE on my etsy storefront.

Feedback welcome!

Custom Order – Bubble Tree in Sage Green and Pearl

I received an email a few weeks back asking if I could make a custom version of my Bubble Tree #2 for a wedding. The bride had selected a sage green and chocolate brown as the wedding colors and the bridesmaids would be wearing dresses in that color. She wanted two custom pendants done in chocolate brown wire with sage green and ivory pearl to match.

I found a Swarovski Pearl color to match and created the following two pendants for her.

She loved them and said they matched perfectly! The happy customer’s feedback:

i am totallllly in love with the special order pieces she made for me. Thank you sooooo much!!! Awesome communication!!

It’s always so wonderful to be able to make something custom and special for a customer – especially a bride-to-be. Keep in mind, we gladly accept custom orders and are happy to work with you on creating a very special piece to suit your needs! Just email with your ideas. 🙂