Persephone – Garent Briolette Teardrop Tree of Life Pendant in Sterling Silver

AAA-Grade, super luxe, micro faceted garnet teardrop briolettes are wrapped in sterling silver wire to form an amazing, one-of-a-kind Tree of Life pendant.

I truly put love and care into each piece I make. And I love for them to be cherished and enjoyed as much as I enjoy creating them. Every once in a while though, I am lucky enough to have a chance to make something *extra* special. And this is one of those pieces.

I used the most stunning, micro-faceted genuine garnet gemstone briolettes in this piece. They are tiny, tear-drop (or “pear”) shaped gems. Gemstones of this quality and with this detail of faceting are extremely expensive in the smallest of quantities. And this Tree uses *33* such stones!

I’m calling this completely one-of-a-kind piece, “Persephone” after the Greek goddess. She’s most famous for her association with the pomegranate and this piece just reminds me so much of that. This piece will not be recreated due to the expensive materials involved. I was lucky enough to get some garnet once but I don’t see another opportunity like that coming around again! Gemstones of this quality are honestly not normally in my budget. 🙂

I’ve hand-hammered sterling silver wire for the outer hoop and then used non-tarnish sterling silver wire for the roots, trunk and branches. The piece is approximately 1.25″ in height and width not including bail. It’s dainty and feminine but still striking enough to be noticed.

This is a truly unique piece and one I’m proud to offer in my shop. I hope you love it as much as I do.

About Garnet Gemstone
Garnet is a natural, semi-precious gemstone associated with the planet Mars, the zodiac sign of Aquarius and the birthstone of the month of January. Considered the stone of good luck in business, it’s also said to increase your self-esteem when worn as jewelry. It’s also the stone associated with the first chakra (base of the spine.) It’s rich, deep and intense color is unique and beautiful.

A truly signature piece. Available for purchase HERE.