Tunduru Sapphire Tree of Life Pendant

Stunning Tunduru (Tundra) Sapphire in a range of reds, oranges and browns make up this gorgeous Tree of Life Pendant in Sterling Silver Wire. Tunduru Sapphire (also known as “Tundra Sapphire”) is like the most perfect riot of Autumn colors.

The Tree of Life is a concept that’s been featured in myth, story and legend literally all around the world. Since ancient times, people have used variations on the theme. Connecting all things – the realms of the spirit, the physical, the Divine and the mundane – the roots of the Tree and the branches touch all things and bring them together in harmony.

This pendant is handmade using painstaking wire-wrapping techniques. Hand hammered silver wire frames and encircles the pendant, and then sterling silver plated, non-tarnish wire is used as the roots, trunk and branches of the tree.

Tunduru Sapphire (also known as “Tundra Sapphire”) is named for the region of Tanzania where sapphire and other gems are mined. Tunduru Sapphire is actually a mix of gemstones including andalusite, hessonite, sapphire and garnets of varying colors- pyrope, almandine, spessartite, grossularite, hessonite, rhodolite. This mix gives it the amazing color range that makes it so sought-after. Tunduru Sapphire contains both precious and semi-precious stones.

The Tunduru Sapphire gems in this piece are stunning. Micro faceted and a range of rich, saturated color. Just like the most stunning Autumn trees. Because the gems were so delicately drilled, I had to use a very fine gauge wire for this tree, giving it a more wispy, airy look.

The Tunduru Sapphires are AA+ grade gems and super luxe and I was able to get a very small amount at a relatively reasonable price – just enough for this single pendant. This is a one-of-a-kind piece and I used my entire supply on this Tree so you will receive the exact pendant shown.

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Citrine Tree of Life Pendant in Sterling Silver

Palest honey toned citrine gemstones in button rondelles are the centerpiece of this Tree of Life pendant set in sterling silver wire.

The citrine in this piece is a lovely, flawlessly clear pale honey tone. They are “button” rondelles with the tiniest hint of iridescence as they catch the light. It’s such a delicate tone like the lightest little touch of sunshine.

Citrine is a semi-precious stone in the quartz family. Citrine has been called the “stone of the mind” and is known as the lucky “Merchants Stone”. It’s said to bring luck to those in sales by placing a piece in the cash drawer. Citrine is also used as an alternative to the November birthstone, Yellow Topaz, due to it’s similar color.

This is just a beautiful piece. Warm and sunny and yet dainty and slightly delicate in style, it’s just a pendant that makes you smile.

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Stunning Precious Gemstone Dangle Earrings

These gorgeous earrings feature a cluster of genuine precious gemstones. Ruby, Emerald and Yellow Sapphire are nestled around Amethyst briolette teardrops. All set in sterling silver.

I started with a beautiful semi-precious amethyst briolette in a faceted teardrop shape. I used a sterling silver, ball-tipped headpin to form the base of the earrings. Then I added a cluster of genuine, precious gems also on ball tipped sterling silver headpins fill in above the amethyst.

There are four precious gems in the world and this piece has three of them: Ruby (the birthstone of July), Emerald (the birthstone of May) and Yellow Sapphire (the birthstone of September.) All three precious gems are in the form of lovely micro-faceted rondelle gemstones.

These earrings are just really pretty and the quality of the stones is very nice. All findings are sterling silver. These earrings will match just about anything in your wardrobe with the deep, rich range of colors. They’re dainty but still noticeable and can be worn with anything.

They measure approximately 1.25″ from hook to tip.

This is a one-of-a-kind pair. I bought one set of matching plum amethyst briolette and do not have any more on hand. I absolutely love these earrings and hope you do too!

Available for purchase HERE.

Phoenix Fire Cluster Dangle Earrings

I’ve been wanting to make a pair of phoenix/fire color earrings for awhile. And the nice thing about making jewelry is that I also get to make custom pieces just for myself sometimes too. This was my first time making something just like this but I think it came out really lovely and I hope to be able to offer some in this style (but maybe in different color schemes as well) in my shop soon.

For now, look how pretty! Lemon quartz teardrop briolettes and micro-faceted rondelles in garnet and shaded citrine. All set in sterling.

So lovely. And I’m just so pleased with the colors and how they look worn as well. Like I said, this pair I made for myself to learn the technique and figure out the logistics but hopefully soon I can offer some my shop as well.