Moon Treasury

My Opalite Rainbow Moonstone Tree of Life pendant was featured in a great all-moon treasury today!

'moon love' by DawnEstelleDesigns

All things moon!

Black Silver Moon tote, eco-recycled fabric bag, metallic foil screenprint, very pretty in person, luna - alittlelark
MOON heather grey SHIRT super SOFT unisex t shirt all sizes xs-xxl - TempleofCairo
Full Moon Pendant - Full Moon Necklace - Full Moon Jewelry - Glass Photo Pendant - Gift Bag Included - BazingaJewellery
Wood Moons - porkchopshow
Isle of the Floating Moon Print - andykehoe
Rainbow Moonstone Full Moon Tree of Life Pendant Black Wire Wrapped Opalite (Luna Lunar Night Sky Mystical) Holiday Gift Idea for Her - PhoenixFireDesigns
SURREAL ART PRINT blue moon girl dreaming dreamscape dead tree landscape grass medium wall decor 8x10 - shawnaerback
Original phases of the moon lunar eclipse space edible images hard candy lollipop - 6 pc. - MADE TO ORDER - VintageConfections
Purple moon art quilt made with hand painted fabric - FabricandStitch
Werewolf Howl at the Moon Wolf Sterling Silver Necklace FREE SHIPPING - MoreEverything
Moon from Space Round Mousepad - ImpressionsExpress
Antique map of the Moon, Antique world maps, ancient maps, jamieson plate, 24 - mapsandposters
Under The Moonlight - Elephant and mouse under a full moon - Signed Fine Art Print - blue nursery art for kids, children, sleepy time - paintedbliss
Full Moon Clock - CyberMoon
Iphone 4 and 4s case featuring the moon - Huffoto
Full Moon Fabric Wall Decal - JanetteDesign

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Check out all the items or buy the pendant here!

Full Moon Out Tonight

It’s a Full Moon outside tonight! Which of these is your favorite? (Psst! Don’t forget you can get one custom made with your wire and moon color choices as well!!)

See them all here.

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Jewelry Design Star Winner!

I won the Jewelry Design Star! My Halloween Moon Tree of Life Pendant was the winning design. My feature on is live today.

My feature on for being the winning designer!

Congratulations to Miss M Turner!

Artbeads is proud to present our Jewelry Design Star, Miss M Turner! The owner of PhoenixFire Designs has turned her hobby into her job and her passion, which all started 12 years ago when she started beading. Since her first attempt at making jewelry (when she bought all of the wrong things!) to now, Miss M Turner’s craft has evolved. She enjoys working with gemstones and wire to create Tree of Life pendants, which has become the design she’s best known for. It’s still her favorite design to make. Since starting her Etsy store in 2006 and focusing on it full time, she is dedicated to ensuring that her customers walk away with a smile every time. See more beautiful jewelry from PhoenixFire Designs on Etsy. You can also catch up on what’s new on their blog and Facebook page.

The main page of

The winning design!! Click image to purchase.

I am so excited and honored to have won! Thank you to everyone who voted for my pendant and to my wonderful customers for your continued support!

Unique Full Moon Tree of Life Pendants

I’ve been on a kick making unique and limited edition Full Moon Tree of Life pendants lately. In addition to the ones regularly available in my shop, I’ve recently added several new ones as well.

First, is a one-of-a-kind piece. Featuring Fire Crackle Blue Agate in Gunmetal Wire:

This one of a kind Full Moon Tree of Life Pendant features a striking Fire Crackle Blue Agate gemstone moon set in bare, gunmetal wire wrapped branches. (Click to purchase)

Fire Crackle Agate is made by taking a natural agate and heating it, which causes unique patterns within and enhancing the stone. The blue is a deep, rich, dark royal blue with darker “veins” of color throughout.

THIS IS A ONE OF A KIND PIECE. I bought a small assortment of Fire Cracked Agate with each being a different color. I paired this particular one with the gunmetal wire. It’s like the color of hematite; that dark near-black metallic. When it sells, I do not have another to offer at this time.

Then, there’s a a duo: my “Blood Moon” trees featuring red carnelian agate set in either silver or gold wire.

Blood Moon – Tree of Life Pendant in Gold Brass Wire with Red Agate Gemstone Full Moon Limited Edition (Click to purchase)

It features a large, red agate gemstone round bead representing a “blood moon” behind the branches. According to folklore, October’s full moon is called the “Hunter’s Moon” or sometimes the “Blood Moon.” It gets its name from hunters who tracked and killed their prey by autumn moonlight, stockpiling food for the winter ahead. During a lunar eclipse, the moon actually appears to be a deep red in the sky as a result of the sun’s light interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere.

Blood Moon – Tree of Life Pendant in Sterling Silver Wire with Red Agate Gemstone Full Moon Limited Edition (Click to purchase)

The Blood Moon is a Limited Edition tree. I bought a very small assortment of these specific agate gems and I’ve divided the availability up between silver and gold offerings. There are a total of TWO silver and TWO gold available and that’s it.

This is of course, in addition to the other Full Moon series which is ALWAYS available in the shop.

Purple Moon, Under A Full Moon, Halloween Moon and Once in a Blue Moon

And, I have even more on the way soon! Keep checking back. I’m also always happy to customize a tree for you with your choice of wire, stones, and colors. Since they’re made entirely from scratch anyway, there’s no problem in making it personalized.

Full Moon Trees Trilogy

My Under A Halloween Moon tree of life pendant has been a HUGE success for me. People really love it. And in the past, I’ve offered other versions of the “full moon” style on a very limited, custom order basis. That, however, has changed.

Now you can also order two additional versions; Under A Full Moon (silver wire with a white moon) AND “Once In A Blue Moon” (silver wire with a blue moon.) This completes my full moon “trilogy” as it were. 😉

Once In A Blue Moon + Under A Full Moon + Under A Halloween Moon

All three are now permanently available as made-to-order pieces in the shop!

Great Finds Feature

Well, my Under A Halloween Moon Tree of Life Pendant continues to be honored in Treasuries (14 so far as of this writing!) and today it was also selected as a “Great Find” for the theme “Awesome Autumn!”

You can vote for my tree on the left-hand side by selecting “PhoenixFire Designs” and clicking vote. The top three winners will be featured for an additional week. If you get a moment, I would appreciate your vote!

And, as always, the pendant is available for sale HERE in the shop!

Autumn Leaves – Multi Gemstone Tree Of Life Pendant

This tree of life pendant in sterling silver captures the vibrant colors of Autumn. Featuring a variety of natural gemstones, this unique piece lets you wear the beauty of Fall.

This pendant is handmade using painstaking wire-wrapping techniques. Hand hammered non-tarnish sterling silver plated wire frames and encircles the pendant and is then used as the roots, trunk and branches of the tree.

This Tree features so many different gemstones! Included are Garnet, Amber, Red Coral, Red Goldstone, Citrine, Red Carnelian and Topaz. I blended them all together so there would be a riot of autumn colors! This Tree celebrates the changing of the seasons and leaves in a beautiful way.

Pendant available HERE in the shop.

Treasury Feature – Under a Halloween Moon Tree of Life

My Under A Halloween Moon tree of life pendant was featured in a great Autumn-inspired treasury!

‘It Can’t Be Far Behind…’ by oldnnewborrowednblue

Despite the hot summer temperatures, I felt a change today: an early morning coolness, crickets, slightly shorter days. The harvest will soon be with us and with it, frosty mornings and bright colors. Life is good!

SALE–Pumpkin Apple But…


Adult Spiced Pumpkin Fa…




4 Pumpkin Embellishment…


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Fall Color Hydrangea Wr…


Yellow Harvest Moon Whi…


Under A Halloween Moon …


Autumn colored silk ri…


LDphotography Harvest M…


Harvest Moon Mixed Hand…


Autumn Harvest 15 Stick…


Pumpkin Harvest,adorabl…


Pumpkin Harvest Digital…


Oak Apple Harvest . &qu…


Silk Floral Basket Arra…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Here in Florida, we’re still WELL in the grip of summer, but it’s nice to think about Autumn! Pendant is available in the shop HERE.

Full Moon

I relisted two of my very popular Full Moon Tree of Life pendants. Both haven’t been available in the shop for months so last night, I remedied that and made one of each!

Under A Halloween Moon – Tree of Life Pendant with Orange Pearl Coin Bead in Black Wire
Happy Halloween! This Spooky Tree of Life Pendant with bare branches in black wire under a full, orange moon. Perfect for the season but wearable all year also.

– and –

Once In A Blue Moon – Tree of Life Pendant in Silver Wire with Aqua Blue Pearl Shell
This is a unique take on the popular Tree of Life pendants I’m famous for. There are no “leaves” in this piece. Instead, it celebrates bare branches of a tree against a night sky.

Both are available right now in the shop. But only for as long as they last! This style is very popular but it’s kinda of a pain to make so I don’t make it often. It’s normally months inbetween availability to snag it when you can if you want it!

Once In A Blue Moon (Return)

My Once In A Blue Moon Pendant is available once again. I don’t make these very often (about once in a blue moon – ha!) so it’s best to grab it when you can.

This is a unique take on the popular Tree of Life pendants I’m famous for. There are no “leaves” in this piece. Instead, it celebrates bare branches of a tree against a night sky.

Pendant available for purchase (while it lasts!) HERE.