New wire wrapped heart pendants!

I’ve been on a kick for making something different lately. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I guess hearts and love have been on my mind too. So this translated into making several wire wrapped heart pendants with gemstones in various metal wire colors, stones and styles.

Wire wrapped heart pendant in copper wire with peridot birthstone gemstones, Celtic design bail and antique copper chain with spirals and swirls handmade by PhoenixFire Designs on etsy.
This handmade pendant was hand shaped in solid, tarnish-resistant copper wire and then hammered to bring out texture and also to harden the wire. I then wire wrapped micro faceted peridot rondelles along the outer frame and added swirls and spiral accents plus a matching spring green peridot teardrop accent. It also features a large, decorative Celtic bail and hangs on a 20″ antique copper chain.


Wire wrapped copper heart pendant by Phoenix Fire Designs with dark red garnet gemstone accents and swarovski crystal heart pendant handmade wire wrap necklace on etsy
This handcrafted wire wrap necklace is also made from hand hammered, textured copper wire shaped into a heart and accented with rich, dark red garnet gemstones and a red siam Swarovski crystal 3D heart dangle. It features a large spiral and hangs on a matching rose gold, bright copper chain. Handmade by Phoenix Fire Designs on etsy.


Silver wire wrap heart pendant wrapped in amethyst and accented with color-changing swarovski crystal on figaro chain by PhoenixFire Designs on etsy
This heart pendant is made from tarnish-resistant silver plated wire which is hand formed into a heart and then accented with an ombre of nearly clear through pale violet purple amethyst rondelles and a color-changing Swarovski crystal twisted cube. It’s been finished with a Figaro chain and handmade by PhoenixFire Designs.


So what do you think? Do you like the new experimental pieces I’ve been making lately? I have a bunch of in-progress pendants as well in other shapes like spirals and swirls and circles which I’m still refining and working on perfecting. I’m never going to stop making my trees of course, but I just thought it might be fun to step outside of my comfort zone and try some new things. Plus, it’s something fresh and makes me stop and think about the creative process a little more. I can make trees by muscle memory these days after making thousands of them! But these shapes require me to focus more and stop and figure out how I need to complete each one.

These three are all One of a Kind pieces and are listed in PhoenixFire Designs shop on etsy – while they last! I will also be adding more styles and options as I go.

What would you like to see next?

Ruby and Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone Heart Earrings in Sterling Silver

Precious gemstone Ruby (birthstone of July) is paired with mystical Rainbow Moonstone in these chandelier style sterling silver earrings in a heart shape.

For these sweet earrings, I started with a .925 sterling silver heart finding. From that, I have five dangles of gemstones. Each dangle is on a sterling silver ball-tipped headpin and features genuine, natural precious ruby gemstone and natural semi-precious moonstone rondelles. They are finished with sterling silver hooks and measure a little over 1.25″ from the top to the bottom of the longest drop.

These are lovely earrings. The sweetheart shape makes them equally wearable everyday or for a special occasion. A gift for a July baby, someone you love or just as a special treat for yourself!

About the Gemstones Used
* Ruby is one of the rare, precious gemstones (along with Emerald, Diamond and Sapphire.) Ruby is known as the most powerful gem in the universe. To own a ruby is to know contentment and peace. Given as a gift, ruby is the stone of friendship and love. It’s also associated with vitality and royalty. It is the birthstone of July. The rubies used in this piece are 100% natural gemstone, grade A+ Micro faceted rondelles.

* Rainbow moonstone is an amazing stone that’s almost impossible to photograph. The stone is “alive” with natural iridescent fire and a color shift towards blue in various types of light. Moonstone is of course associated with the Moon and with the Goddess Diana. It’s a powerful stone said to protect those of a sensitive nature and bring good emotions to the wearer. Because of it’s tie to emotions and the moon, it’s said to be a woman’s gemstone. It is also an alternative birthstone for June. (Traditionally pearl.)

Available for purchase HERE.