Halloween Crafts

Here’s a look at some Halloween crafting I’ve done recently! Lots of vintage inspiration and Edgar Allen Poe and The Raven inspired pieces.

I took a standard mask and added to it making it a vintage, gothic book inspired Masquerade mask! I used real pages from an old Edgar Allen Poe book and decoupaged them across the face. Then using paper flowers with newsprint/handwriting motif, I accented it and added a crystal drop as well.

A trio of Halloween jewelry including a Gothic inspired Ouija Board necklace in gunmetal, a Spirit Board glass tile pendant and an Edger Allen Poe The Raven “Nevermore” brass cuff bracelet.

I took a plain journal and decoupaged real pages from an old Edgar Allen Poe book on the cover giving it a rough, ragged torn edges look. Then I added an image of a blackbird – a raven perhaps? – sitting on top of a pumpkin in front of an orange, harvest moon.

The back of the journal was decoupaged in more book pages as well.

This witch’s book of spells started with a paper mache form that I painted orange and black accents and covered the front with a witch flying a broom image.

On the side of the spellbook, I hand painted “spells” and “potions” and detailed the spine in black accents.

And the “pages” of the book were first painted a cream color and then dry brushed with a fan brush in a black to give the illusion of pages.

I took a vintage Bingo card and made a paper rosette and added a vintage owl drawing. I spelled out “TRICK” across the top and “TREAT” on the pennant stickers across the bottom turning it into an adorable hanging sign!

I love Halloween and it’s so fun trying new things! I learned a lot of new techniques making these items and bought a lot of new supplies too. (Can you ever have enough craft supplies? LOL)

Halloween in Wonderland Memory Tray

I thought I’d show off the “Halloween in Wonderland” board I made as part of the Mini 13 Days of Halloween swap for my partner, michelleandbean.


First, off, this image was pinned on her pinterest that I used as the inspiration. Seemed like it would be fun! Turns out, it was quite a process. 🙂

At Micheal’s, I found a “memory tray” by brand, “Recollections” but….it only had 6 compartments. Like this:

But I bought it anyway plus some thin strips of unfinished balsa wood from the model aisle and brought it home.

Next I went about looking for the info on the paper. Turns out it was called, “Halloween in Wonderland” by company “Graphic 45” but it was discontinued in 2011 and people are now selling it for like $75 on ebay and over $100 on etsy. 😮 Woah. That was SO not going to work for some 12×12 scrapbook paper!! I spent like 2 days scrounging through google, trying to find SOMEWHERE to buy it without it being so much, but had very little luck. Just lots of other people wanting it too. This was one hard-to-find set of paper!

But then, I hit gold. While doing an image search (hoping to find places to buy it that way) I came across a site that had large scan images of the pages. Even though the pages themselves were out of stock on their websites, they still had images of the sheets. I was able to download them and then use my laser printer to print the pages I needed to complete the project. Huzzah! ;D

I planned out where I wanted things to go and painted the balsa wood black and cut to shape and glued it down. And filled in all the boxes with paper.

Red boxes show the original compartments. Yellow lines are balsa wood I added to make additional compartments of the size and configuration I wanted.

Red boxes show the original compartments. Yellow lines are balsa wood I added to make additional compartments of the size and configuration I wanted.


I scrounged through my jewelry findings, etsy, ebay and the craft store for various accessories to add as accents to the boxes. Here are some close-ups:





And the finished product!


From modifying the tray with my own slats to make more box divisions, to overcoming paper that was discontinued two years ago, to finding a bunch of accessories to get the look of the inspiration piece, it was a lot of work. 😉 But I was really happy with how it came out.

Want to make your own? Links to large file size images for download are behind the cut!
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Yarn and Felt Flower Halloween Wreath

I thought I’d show off the yarn and felt flower Halloween Wreath I made as part of the Mini 13 Days of Halloween swap for my partner, michelleandbean.


I started with a foam wreath from the floral department of Joann’s. Then I bought some black/orange colored chunky yarn and spent the next hour wrapping it. LOL After that, I went online and googled how to make some felt flowers. (I used this technique in making them. Simple in steps, but time consuming and man my fingers got tired cutting all those strips out of the felt! :D) Made up a bunch in suitable Halloween colors (orange, black, yellow for harvest, purple and white) and glued them on in a cluster on the wreath.

Next, I added some metal bead caps and swarovski crystals to some of the flowers to give them a little extra sparkle. To finish it off, I hot glued some small little pumpkins in with the flowers and added a sparkly ribbon to hang it.


This was a lot of fun because it’s not something I’ve ever done before. I learned as I went and I was so excited it came out so awesome! ;D