Apple Tree – Tree of Life Pendant with Peridot and Ruby Gemstone in Brown Wire

I’ve had a lot of requests for more fruit trees so here is the latest! It’s a fun take on my normal pendants and features Peridot gemstone chips for leaves and faceted Ruby gemstone apples set in brown wire.

This pendant is handmade using painstaking wire-wrapping techniques. Permanently colored brown wire frames and encircles the pendant, and is then used as the roots, trunk and branches of the tree.

The leaves are made from genuine Peridot gemstone. Peridot is a natural, semi-precious gemstone in the most amazing green color. The birthstone of August, it has been considered sacred and a symbol of purity for thousands of years. It was considered a stone of Springtime and a gift of Mother Nature by the Ancients. It is a stone of lightness and beauty and is said to enhance wellness in the spiritually aware.

The apples are made from 4mm faceted ruby round gemstone beads. Ruby is also the birthstone of July and is considered to be the most powerful gem in the universe. To own a ruby is said to have contentment and peace. Given as a gift, the ruby is a symbol of friendship and love. The ruby is also the symbol of vitality and royalty.

The pendant is approximately 1.75″ height/width excluding bail. The large bail will accommodate any chain or cord of your choice. (Not included.) It’s the perfect size; big enough to be noticed, but not so large as to be unwearable. You will receive this exact pendant. I’ve had many requests for more Fruit Trees so this is the first in a new line. Would also be a great gift for a teacher!

Available For Purchase HERE.