Hysterectomy & Medical Fundraising

May 29th I went to the ER. Found out my uterus was full of tumors and cysts. In fact, I had so many tumors of such a large size, that they couldn’t do surgery right away. (High risk is 250 grams and I had approximately 1,250 grams or about 2.75lbs) From June until surgery (which was October 5th) I was on medication inducing temporary menopause to shrink the tumors. I was on unpaid medical leave during this time by order of the HR department, but they then decided to stop holding the position for me, leaving me permanently laid off and over $10,000 in medical bills.

I worked a part-time job that did NOT give me insurance. I also did NOT get paid for any time off period. My last paycheck was June 3rd and I have no more coming until I can find a new job again. I’m asking anyone who can help for your support as a result. Even just sharing my links is helpful. I rely on my shop sales to replace my lost income from my day job for both medical bills and living expenses.

With your help and support, I was able to raise the $2,600 I needed up front for surgery. My hysterectomy was October 5th as scheduled and went perfectly! I’m VERY slowly healing now – it’s a hell of a process – but surgery was only half the battle. I have over $10,000 of dollars in medical bills both from the ER stay and the 20% I’m required to pay under my insurance. PLUS I still owe money to my OB/GYN and have the $237/month premium for the insurance to continue paying. So your support is still appreciated!!

As a result of this medical and financial crisis, I am asking everyone to help pass on my story and link(s) to help raise the money I need.

March/April 2012 Update:
Celebrating 6 months post op! That puts me about 80% healed now. (Full year for 100%) Feeling a lot more normal again these days which is nice.

My employer did not hold my job for me and laid me off during recovery. I’m looking for work but have been without a paycheck since June 3, 2011.

My PCIP insurance was amazing but it still leaves a lot out of pocket. I’m down to about $6,500 in monies owed to date. So I am relying solely on my shop sales right now and any support I receive for paying off my medical bills, general living expenses and my $237/month premium for insurance.

Your continued support is appreciated right now and even links to my shop are appreciated in helping us keep our heads above water through this. Thank you to everyone who’s helped and spread the word. All of you helped make it possible for me to be here and healthy.

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