Seven Eggs In A Basket

Or, well, a nest really but who’s counting? Oh wait, I was that day. A friend of mine wanted a custom bird nest pendant made to represent both the kids and the daughters-in-law as well. Which made for SEVEN eggs in one little nest. I have to be honest, at first, I wasn’t sure it was possible. But I pulled it off. And it came out pretty darn cute:

She liked that the nest was a little crowded because that’s really how her Mother-in-law’s home is; full of people and love. So it worked out to be perfect for UK Mother’s day. (Which is celebrated in April rather than May here in the States.)

Where there’s an idea, there’s a will and a way. And this is just one example of how I’m happy to take an idea – like starting with this and making it a seven birthstone egg pendant with a swallow charm that was the perfect, custom gift. So let me know what I can make one-of-a-kind for you!

Custom Order – Sorcerer’s Stone

I made this custom necklace for someone who had a vision of what the Sorcerer’s Stone (or, for those of you in the UK, Philosopher’s Stone) from the Harry Potter series would look like. It started with a focal point featuring a massive piece of genuine, full leaded Swarovski crystal in the stunning color, Crystal Red Magma. I wire-wrapped it and added it to a simple antique gold (bronze) rose accent and matching chain. At the end of the lobster-claw clasp is a bicone crystal dangle in the same color.

She was thrilled with the result:

Isn’t it amazing? It’s a giant crystal that looks like it could have been plucked straight out of the movie! I love it so much! Thanks again PhoenixFireDesigns!

As always, if you have an idea for something unique, or you are inspired and wish to have something created just for you – let me know. I’d love to create something unique and beautiful for you as well.

Custom Birthstone Tree of Life Pendant

I had a request for a custom tree of life pendant representing the birthstones of April, July and August. We discussed options and chose Rainbow Moonstone as a substitute for April (Diamond), and Red Coral as a substitute for July (Ruby) and used actual Peridot for August. She emailed me about a week before Christmas so I was able to use what I had on hand to get the same color scheme for her and still get it to her on time for the holidays.

Here’s the finished piece:

And here’s the wonderful feedback I received from her:

It’s absolutely perfect! Thanks for the creative custom idea and for the extra quick shipping. I’ll certainly be a returning customer.

I love when I’m able to really made someone’s day – and in this case, make someone’s Christmas too! If you have a custom piece you’d like made, just let me know! I’m flexible and gladly offer suggestions and can help you turn your idea into reality.

Custom Bird Nest Pendant Bracelet

I had a request to make a bird nest pendant with one pink and one blue Swarovski glass pearl; one each to represent a boy and a girl child. In addition, there is a sterling silver butterfly pendant to represent the Grandmother that has passed away. I completed the bracelet with a heart toggle clasp – just a little extra touch to show the love of the piece.

Here’s the finished result:

I do offer Customizable Bird Nest Pendants HERE on my PhoenixFire Designs shop @ etsy. I can also make pink/blue (girl/boy) pendants by request as well as other items such as this bracelet. You have an idea, I’ll make it happen!

Sultan’s Collar Necklace

Here’s a custom piece I just finished last night. It was based on another piece that they really liked. I spent about a month ordering supplies from all over the world and waiting for them to arrive. Then I set about breaking down the pattern and figuring out how it all came together. I did it assembly-line style, counting out the groups of pieces I’d need. Once all the parts were ready, I assembled them all into one, cohesive necklace.

Took about four hours of assembly time total.

It was a challenge but it was fun stretching myself into something completely different. Don’t forget, I gladly accept custom orders so please contact me if you’d like something unique of your own. And check out the items for sale on and PhoenixFire Designs @ Etsy.

Custom Order – Pink Agate Tree with White Fruit

I always welcome custom orders. And I encourage someone to contact me if they have an idea or something specific in mind. In this instance, I received a message asking about making a custom version of this green agate slice Tree of Life pendant. She liked the round “fruit” but wanted it to be all white. And for all the metal to be silver. I showed her the agate slices I had on hand and she selected a pink one. And with all the details set, I made her vision a reality.

Here’s the finished piece.

It’s always fun turning someone’s vision into a real piece that’s completely personalized just for them.

The inspiration piece is available for purchase HERE and if you want something customized just for you, please

Sleep In on Black Friday

Who needs 2am alarm clocks, crowds, angry mobs and one-per-store teaser deals? Shop from the comfort of your own home ANY time day or night! Give the gift of original, handmade jewelry this season!


Heck, you can even shop in your PJ’s. I won’t mind.

Gift-Giving Guide: The Personalized Gift

Everyone has challenging people on their holiday gift list; those people who you just aren’t sure what to get them. They really don’t need another store-bought knick-knack and how many times can you really give them a gift card? Well, here’s one idea that might help. A personalized, handmade pendant.

Bird nest pendants are lovely, dainty little pieces made with non-tarnish, sterling silver wire. And here’s the beautiful thing – they can be customized and personalized with the colors of your choice! The possibilities are endless. How about birthstones for a Mom or one to give to Grandma celebrating her grand kids? Maybe you want to give one to your sibling to show the bond between you both. Even one for your best friend. You could also include birthstones in remembrance of those who have passed as a way of keeping them close to your heart.

This example shows April, May and August birthstones and represents my sister, myself and my Mother.

The beauty of a gift like this is that it’s one of a kind and truly says I was thinking of you. No one else will get the same gift and it will be a unique remembrance for years to come.

Get your own custom pendant HERE.

Three Gemstone Necklace

You remember the Three Generation Family Tree of Life Pendant, right? A beautiful custom piece featuring three amazing gemstones? Well, I had a little extra of all three gems left over and I wanted to make something else from the amazingly stunning gems.

So I came up with a lovely, feminine design showing off these amazing stones.

Featuring AAA Quality gemstones in Chrome Diopside (also known as “Siberian Emerald”), Micro-faceted Peridot and Imperial Topaz, this stunning piece is set in sterling silver.

Genuine, AAA quality Chrome Diopside, Micro-faceted Peridot and Imperial Topaz gemstones are featured in this stunning sterling silver necklace.

A 16″ silver Figaro chain is accented with four Chrome Diopside and four Peridot gemstones and then the center focal point features six additional Chrome Diopside and Peridot as well as three amazing, honey-colored Imperial Topaz gems.

Genuine, AAA quality Chrome Diopside, Micro-faceted Peridot and Imperial Topaz gemstones are featured in this stunning sterling silver necklace.

It’s dainty and delicate but the colors are so striking. Easily dressed up for a special occasion, this piece is simple enough to pair with your favorite pair of jeans as well. I’m debating whether or not I want to keep this beauty for myself! 🙂 I may be persuaded to list it so let me know if you’re interested.

Firebird – Swarovski Crystal Dangle Necklace

This is a custom piece I made and I’m so in love with it I wanted to be sure to show it off.

I’ve used over thirty genuine Swarovski crystals in a fiery gradient of color as the centerpiece of this necklace. The piece is a traditional “Y” shape with sterling silver Figaro chain, a large round circle and then a cascade of crystal down the center.

It just sparkles and shines and catches the light like mad. The crystal ranges in color from a pale yellow, into orange, fire opal, topaz, garnet and more.

I will be offering up some similar piece in other color schemes in the next few days. And, as always, should you be interested in a custom piece like this for yourself, just let me know!