End of Year Flash Sale

My Recycled Sari Silk Wrap Bracelets are always a big seller. Each is completely one of a kind recycled from vintage sari silk. They are normally a show exclusive – you can only get them by seeing me in person at an event. But I have two weeks off from shows right now for the end of the year and I’m giving a rare chance to snag some of these gorgeous bracelets now to my online fans and customers!

Bracelets are made from reclaimed, recycled, vintage sari silk. Each is fair trade. I add the charms and beads to theme each silk piece.

They are $25/each. Flat rate $3 shipping within the US no matter how many bracelets you order.

Here is everything I currently have ready to ship!

Select the bracelet(s) you want by number/description in the drop down menu beneath each photo.

Sorry, sale has ended.