Vendor Show Checklist

What to bring for your first vendor show? What do you need when you’re doing a show, farmer’s market, or craft fair? There’s so much to remember, it can be hard to keep track of everything you need. Whether this is your first show or you’re a seasoned vendor, this guide is to help give you ideas of what to bring for a successful show.

Bare Minimum
tent (you know how much I love mine!)
folding tables
folding chairs (or taller director’s chair so you aren’t hidden behind your display!)
business cards (I use
credit card processing (get a free square reader with the first $1,000 processing fees free of charge!)
small bills for change (cash sales)
tarps (for bad weather/cover your tables)
shopping bags for sold items

Personal Comfort:
cooler (I bought mine at costco but I LOVE it and it folds FLAT for storage!)
battery operated fan (and batteries!)
cooling towels /sweater (depending on temp)
anti fatigue mat to stand on (not mandatory but nice to have)
advil/tylenol/immodium/allergy meds
first aid kit (you should have this in your car at all times anyway!)

Backup Essentials:
duct tape
paper towels
napkins/tp (don’t knock it! I’ve been at a show that ran out of tp in a porta potty before and I was glad I had my own!)
portable cell charger/battery backup
outdoor extension cord (I always have one just in case)
extension splitter (to plug more than one item into)
wet wipes (often no running water at outdoor events)
tool kit (screwdriver, pliers – little things in case of break or repair! You should keep this in your car anyway!)
extra price labels
safety pins (I like the larger size)
clamps (Clip down a blowing tablecloth, or clip two things together; I’ve needed this more times than I can count!)
bungee cords (again in a variety of sizes and SO useful!)

Other Good Ideas:
small mirror (if anything that needs trying on)
individually wrapped mints/candy (for customers – I find it helps draw people in. Nothing that melts outside!)
bed risers to lift tables (can be helpful to make tables higher so people don’t have to bend down)
rug for booth (totally optional)
decor/decoration/ways of making booth more appealing/pretty
storage totes (locking) to carry your supplies
dolly or flat rolling cart (I have this one since it folds flat) or utility wagon for transporting items from car to booth.
solar lantern (in case it rains and you need light or if setup/breakdown is in the dark)
waterproof led rope light (I string these along my tent frame to illuminate inside in case of rain or dark)

Also check out part 1 of new vendor guides: So You Want To Vend at Craft Shows? (Part One: Basic Supplies – Tent) which discusses how to select a tent, what to look for, how to use tent weights effectively and suggestions of items I like and use.

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