Custom Order – Pink Agate Tree with White Fruit

I always welcome custom orders. And I encourage someone to contact me if they have an idea or something specific in mind. In this instance, I received a message asking about making a custom version of this green agate slice Tree of Life pendant. She liked the round “fruit” but wanted it to be all white. And for all the metal to be silver. I showed her the agate slices I had on hand and she selected a pink one. And with all the details set, I made her vision a reality.

Here’s the finished piece.

It’s always fun turning someone’s vision into a real piece that’s completely personalized just for them.

The inspiration piece is available for purchase HERE and if you want something customized just for you, please

Japanese Chiyogami Paper Glass Tile Pendants

I know a lot of people have made these but I’m just trying my hand at them and having fun! I picked up this amazing Chiyogami paper in the Mitsukoshi Department Store in the Japan Pavilion in Epcot. Everything in the store is actually from Japan. They are an actual department store in Japan as well. The paper has such lovely metallic accents; like a pure gold glitter.

The first features an adorable Geisha girl in a pink flowered robe. It is 3/4″ square with a silver-plated Aanraku bail.

The second features a Moon Rabbit with a red flower. It is 7/8″ square also with a silver-plated Aanraku bail.

When I saw these gorgeous papers, I just had to turn them into pendants. Geisha Girl Available HERE and Moon Rabbit Available HERE.

Helm Chain Mail Bracelet in Silver and Gold

I recently learned a new technique – chain mail! My first pattern is known as the “Helm Chain” or “Parallel Chain.” This deceptively simple pattern features interlocked silver-plated and gold-plated rings into a classic, elegant pattern.

The bracelet is 7.5″ in length and is finished with an antique goldtone toggle clasp. Easily worn both everyday and for special occasions, this piece will get compliments when worn.

Whether as a gift, or for yourself, this, unique, signature piece would be a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.

Available for Purchase Here.

Sleep In on Black Friday

Who needs 2am alarm clocks, crowds, angry mobs and one-per-store teaser deals? Shop from the comfort of your own home ANY time day or night! Give the gift of original, handmade jewelry this season!


Heck, you can even shop in your PJ’s. I won’t mind.

Under A Full Moon – Available Now

Once again, I’ve listed another “Under A Full Moon” Tree of Life pendant on the PhoenixFire Designs etsy storefront. Every time I list one, they go quickly, so if you’ve missed out in the past, here’s another chance to pick one up!

“Under A Full Moon” is a unique take on the popular Tree of Life pendants I’m famous for. There are no “leaves” in this piece. Instead, it celebrates bare branches of a tree against a night sky. Whether as a gift, or for yourself, this, unique, signature piece would be a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.

Available for purchase HERE

Gift-Giving Guide: The Personalized Gift

Everyone has challenging people on their holiday gift list; those people who you just aren’t sure what to get them. They really don’t need another store-bought knick-knack and how many times can you really give them a gift card? Well, here’s one idea that might help. A personalized, handmade pendant.

Bird nest pendants are lovely, dainty little pieces made with non-tarnish, sterling silver wire. And here’s the beautiful thing – they can be customized and personalized with the colors of your choice! The possibilities are endless. How about birthstones for a Mom or one to give to Grandma celebrating her grand kids? Maybe you want to give one to your sibling to show the bond between you both. Even one for your best friend. You could also include birthstones in remembrance of those who have passed as a way of keeping them close to your heart.

This example shows April, May and August birthstones and represents my sister, myself and my Mother.

The beauty of a gift like this is that it’s one of a kind and truly says I was thinking of you. No one else will get the same gift and it will be a unique remembrance for years to come.

Get your own custom pendant HERE.

Brown Agate Slice Tree of Life Pendant

A natural slice of variegated brown agate is the base for this unique Tree of Life pendant. Genuine Hessonite Garnet gemstones and sterling silver wire form the leaves and branches of the piece.

This pendant starts with a natural slice of agate geode in variegated tones of brown. Inside the agate are “rings” of amber and cream like you’d find on a slice of tree trunk. The stone is wrapped with antique bronze wire. Then using painstaking wire-wrapping techniques, sterling silver-plated wire is used as the roots, trunk and branches. It has been specially treated to be non-tarnish to keep it’s luster. Genuine Hessonite Garnet rondelles form the “leaves” of the tree.

Available for purchase HERE.

Additional photos behind cut

Featured Project!

I was honored by the Moderators at and selected as one of the Featured Projects for the 3rd Quarter of 2010! And she had the loveliest things to say about my work as well.

*click for larger*

Tree of Life pendants are favorite items to make by craftsters all around the site, however, when I think of tree of life pendants myself, this lovely lady is the one that comes to mind first. phoenixfiredesigns made this gorgeous Agate Geode Slice Tree of Life Pendant with topaz and amethyst and I’m simply in love Kiss Amethyst is my birthstone, so natually I’m a little biased, but her craftswomanship just blows me away on ALL of her pieces EVERY time!

Aw, I’m blushing here!

The item chosen can be viewed here and is available for sale here.

Thanks for the honor!!